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Research Group Rögner

Head:  Prof. Dr. Matthias Rögner

Research Projects:


  • Structure, function and biogenesis of photosynthetic reaction centers in cyanobacteria (PS1, PS2)

  • Structure, function and regulation of cyanobacterial electron transport components (Cyt. b6f complex,
    Fd, FNR)

  • Evolution, structure and functional dynamics of cyanobacterial membrane systems (thylakoid membrane
    & cytoplasmic membrane)

  • Biohydrogen:
    Design of bio-photolytical hydrogen production in cyanobacteria (synthetic cells) and semiartificial model systems

  • Proteomics:
    Development of technologies for the complete and quantitative coverage of the membrane proteome from
    cyanobacteria and bio-technologically relevant bacteria, e.g. Corynebacterium glutamicum
    see also (Nowaczyk) (Troetschel) (Rexroth)

  • Mass fermentation technologies:
    Development of reactors (up to 100 l) for the continuous mass culture of cyano bacteria in closed flat-plate systems
Support by  RESOLV EU (CyanoFactory)  and the DIP German-Israeli Research Cooperation

Publications (selection)


  • Kubota-Kawai H, Mutoh R, Shinmura K, Sétif P, Nowaczyk MM, Rögner M, Ikegami T, Tanaka H, Kurisu G (2018)
    X-ray structure of an asymmetrical trimeric ferredoxin-photosystem I complex
    Nature Plants doi:10.1038/s41477-018-0130-0
  • Hartmann V, Ruff A, Schuhmann W, Rögner, Nowaczyk MM (2018)
    Analysis of Photosystem II Electron Transfer with Natural PsbA-Variants by Redox Polymer/Protein Biophotoelectrochemistry
    Photosynthetica 56:229-235


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    Biosensors and Bioelectronics 94, 433-437
  • Fuente, D., Keller, J., Conejero, J.A., Rögner, M., Rexroth, S., Urchueguia, J.F. (2017)
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    Algal Research 23, 166-177


  • Gordiichuk et al. (2016)
    Filling the green gap of a megadalton Photosystem I complex by conjugation of organic dyes
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  • Nakajima, M., Ferri, S., Rögner, M., Sode, K. (2016)
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    Bioprocess Biosyst Eng

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